Biological Imaging Facility

Usage Fees

The costs of operating the Biological Imaging Facility are partially defrayed through the charging of fees for the use of its equipment. The charges for use differ based on the category of research user.

Categories of Research User

There are three categories of research user:

  • University Campus Users
  • Outside Academic or Not-For-Profit Users
  • Outside Commercial Users

"University Campus Users" includes all University at Albany campus users (Main, East, or CESTM campuses), irrespective of source of funding (i.e. through grants administered by the Research Foundation of the University at Albany or from state accounts). New inside users will receive 10 free hours to obtain pilot data for grants that will pay for subsequent usage fees. Users may apply in writing to the Confocal User Committee for additional free hours, if they can show that the hours are necessary to develop the proposal.

"Outside Academic or Not-For-Profit Users" includes researchers at Albany Medical College, the Wadsworth Research Laboratories, and other area colleges and universities. Faculty in the School of Public Health who have individual projects funded through the Research Foundation would be eligible for inside rates, but only for those projects. Other projects funded through HRI administered grants would be charged at Outside Academic or Not-For-Profit User rates.

"Outside Commercial Users" includes all non-UAlbany researchers and all researchers not meeting the "Outside Academic or Not-For-Profit Users" classification above.

Fee Schedule

  Approved Users Assisted Users Training Session Analysis Workstation
University Campus Users $25 per hour $50 per hour $50 per hour N/C
Outside Academic or Not-For-Profit Users $35 per hour $60 per hour $60 per hour $10 per hour
Outside Commercial Users $50 per hour $90 per hour $90 per hour $15 per hour