The faculty and students in the Department of Biological Sciences at University at Albany are actively engaged in research in a highly diverse variety of research topics and projects addressing a spectrum of issues of interest and concern to the scientific and general community. 

Supervised undergraduate research provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience working in actual research labs with respected faculty and the opportunity to gain experience in presenting their research and competing for awards.


Centers and Institutes

Graduate research benefits from the department’s access to state-of-the-art research facilities, including Biological Imaging facilities as well as resources available at the RNA Institute and the Core facilities (including the Tissue Culture Core, Molecular Core, Chemistry Core, Mass Spectrometry Core, Animal Labs, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging facility).

The designation of Center, Institute, Facility, Laboratory, and Initiative denote organizational units or processes that foster collaborations.

The collaboration can involve different academic departments, different schools and colleges and even on- and off-campus investigators. Although often focusing on a particular area of research, they can also focus on teaching. The Department of Biological Sciences is involved in several such collaborations.