Biology Faculty: Arati Iyengar

Arati Iyengar

Lecturer, Forensic Biology
PhD, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Office BI225
Telephone (518) 442-4378
Fax (518) 442-4767

Areas of Interest

  • Forensic Genetics
  • Conservation Genetics
  • Wildlife Forensics


Dr. Iyengar obtained a PhD from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom many years ago. She then carried out a number of post-doctoral research projects in the UK and in Germany before obtaining a lectureship at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK where she taught forensic genetics to undergraduate and graduate students and was course leader for the MSc in Forensic & Conservation Genetics program. She joined University at Albany in January 2018 and is teaching forensic biology courses on the MS Forensic Biology program. Her current research interests are in forensic genetics and conservation genetics.


  • Almohammed E, Iyengar A, Ballard D, Devesse L, Hadi S (2017) Evaluation of the ForenSeq DNA signature kit for Qatari population. Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series 6, e596-e598.
  • Farhan MM, Hadi S, Iyengar A, Goodwin W (2016) Population genetic data for 20 autosomal STR loci in an Iraqi Arab population: Application to the identification of human remains. Forensic Science International: Genetics 25, e10-e11.
  • van Hoppe MJC, Dy MAV, van den Einden M, Iyengar A (2016) SkydancerPlex: A novel STR multiplex validated for forensic use in the hen harrier (Circus cyaneus). Forensic Science International: Genetics 22, 100-109.
  • Afolabi OA, Roeder AD, Iyengar A, Hadi S (2015) Reference gene study for forensic body fluid identification. Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series 5, e167-e169.
  • Iyengar A (2014) Forensic DNA analysis for animal protection and biodiversity conservation: a review. Journal for Nature Conservation 22, 195-205.