Biology Faculty: Elise Gervais

Elise Gervais

Ph.D., University at Albany

Office BI110
Telephone (518) 442-3455
Fax (518) 442-4767

Areas of Interest

  • Cell Biology
  • Cellular Polarity and Differentiation
  • Salivary Gland Development and Disease
  • Sjögren’s Syndrome


  • Gervais, E. M., Sequeira, S. J., Wang, W., Abraham, S., Kim, J. H., Leonard, D., DeSantis, K., and Larsen, M. 2016. Involvement of Par-1b in Myoepithelial Cell Morphogenesis and Differentiation During Salivary Gland Development. Organogenesis. 12(4): 194-216. DOI: 10.1080/15476278.2016.1252887
  • Gervais, E.M., DeSantis, K.A., Pagendarm, N., Nelson, D.A., Enger, T., Skarstein, K., Jensen, J.L., and Larsen, M. (2015). Changes in the Submandibular Salivary Gland Epithelial Basal Cell Subpopulations During Progression of Sjögren’s Syndrome in the NOD/ShiLtJ Mouse Model. The Anatomical Record. 298, 1622-1634.
  • Nelson, D. A., C. Manhardt, V. Kamath, Y. Sui, A. Santamaria-Pang, A. Can, M. Bello, A. Corwin, S. R. Dinn, M. Lazare, E. M. Gervais, S. J. Sequeira, S. B. Peters, F. Ginty, M. J. Gerdes, and M. Larsen. (2013). Quantitative Single Cell Analysis of Cell Population Dynamics during Submandibular Salivary Gland Development and Differentiation. Biology Open, 2.5, 439-47.
  • Sequeira, S. J., Gervais, E. M., Ray, S., Larsen, M. (2013). Genetic Modification and Recombination of Salivary Gland Organ Cultures. Journal of Visual Experiments,71, e50060.
  • Daley, W. P., Gervais, E. M., Centanni, S. W., Gulfo, K. M., Nelson, D. A., & Larsen, M. (2012). ROCK1-directed basement membrane positioning coordinates epithelial tissue polarity. Development, 139(2), 411-422.