Emeritus Biology Faculty: John S. Mackiewicz

John S. Mackiewicz

Emeritus Distinguished Teaching Professor of Biological Sciences
Ph.D., Cornell University

Email jomack@localnet.com

Areas of Interest

  • Ecology and Systematics of Fish Cestodes
  • Cestode Evolution
  • Parasite Evolution



My primary research interests continue to be on the morphology, systematics, zoogeography, host-parasite relationships, biology and evolution of the Caryophyllidea, intestinal non-segmented cestode parasites of freshwater fish. Since retirement (2002) , special attention has been directed at the evolutionary relationships of the Caryophyllidea within the Eucestoda . To that end, attempts have been made to clarify the terminology of cestode body types. I am in collaboration with colleagues who are studying caryophyllidean development and scolex morphology, evolutionary significance of spermatogenesis and vitellogenesis, and the possible evolutionary value of morphology at the ultrastructural level of Archigetes and of other lower tapeworms . Still other work involves assistance with a cladistic analysis of the phylogenetic relationships at the generic level within the group and with a cytological study of a species of Wenyonia. A checklist and synoptic taxonomic review of all species in the group is in progress (1/06).

(Professor Mackiewicz retired in 2002 after 40 years with the Department; he will be teaching part-time for the next few years.)



Selected Publications:

  • Zdzisław Świrderski, Hichen Kacem, John S. Mackiewicz, Jordi Miquel (2018) Functional ultrastructure and cytochemistry of vitellogenesis and mature vitellocytes of the digenean Cainocreadium labracis (Dujardin, 1845), parasite of Dicentrarchus labrax (L.,1758). Parasitology Research (on line: 26 December 2018)) https://doi.org/10.1007/s00436-018-6180-4 (print version in 2019).
  • Martina Matouškova, Tomáš Bílý, Magdaléna Bruňanská, John S. Mackiewicz, Jana Nebesářová (2018) Ultrastructural, cytochemistry and electron tomography analysis of Caryohlyllaeides fennica (Schneider, 1902) (Cestoda:Lytocestidae) reveals novel spermatology characteristics in the Eucestoda. Parasitology Research 117:3091-3102.
  • Bruňanská, M., Mackiewicz, J.S., Poddubnaya,L.G. (2017) Spermatological characteristics of the enigmatic monogenean Dictyocotyle coeliac Nybelin,1941 (Monopistocotylea: Monocotylidae) reveal possible adaptations to endoparasitism. Acta Parasitologica  62(1):110-120.
  • Mackiewicz, John S. (2015) Marriage: Equal yet Different. Albany Times Union 19 June 2015: Perspective. Print.
  • Mackiewicz,John S., Zdzisław Świderski (2014) In Memoriam: Professor Zbigniew (Bob) Kabata (1924-2014). Acta Parasitologica 59(4),553-554.
  • Magdaléna Bruňanská , Petra Drobníková, John S. Mackiewicz, Jana Nebesářová ( 2013)  Cytocomposition of the vitellarium in Khawia sinensis Hsü, 1935 (Cestoda, Caryophyllidea, Lytocestidae): another caryophyllidean species with lamellar bodies and lipids. Parasitology Research 112: 2703-2711.
  • Bruňanská, M., P. Drobníková, J. S. Mackiewicz, J. Nebesářová  (2013) Reinvestigation of vitellogenesis in Caryophyllaeus laticeps (Pallas,1781) (Cestoda, Caryophyllidea Caryophyllaeidae), monozoic tapeworm of Abramis brama (Pisces, Teleostei). Helminthologia 50: 73-81.
  • Bruňanská, M., John S. Mackiewicz, Jana Nebesářová  (2012) Vitellogenesis in Archigetes  sieboldi Leuckart, 1878  (Cestoda, Caryophyllidea, Caryophylleidae ), an intestinal parasite of carp (Cyprinus carpio L.). Histology and Histopathoogy 27:1611-1620.
  • Bruňanská, M., John S. Mackiewicz, Daniel Młocicki, Zdzisław Świderski, Jana Nebesářová  (2012) Early intrauterine embryonic development in Khawia sinensis Hsu,1935 (Cestoda, Caryophyllidea, Lytocestidae), an invasive tapeworm of carp (Cyprinus carpio ): an ultrastructural study.  Parasitology Research 110(2), 1009-1017.
  • Młocicki,D., Zdzisław Świderski ,John S.Mackiewicz ,Mohammed H. Ibraheem. (2011) Ultrastructural and cytoche mical studies of GER-bodies in the intrauterine eggs of Wenyonia virilis Woodland, 1923 (Cestoda, Caryophyllidea). Acta Parasitologica 56 (1), 40-47.
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