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Professional Science Management Certificate

In Forensic Biology

The PSM Certification in Forensic Biology is:

  • An advanced certificate that adds business and leadership coursework to the current 40 credit M.S. Program in Forensic Biology
  • An attractive alternative to on-the-job training or to a 30-credit MBA program



Admission Requirements

  • Current or past students from the M.S. in Forensic Biology program at UAlbany who have passed the written comprehensive examination with a grade of 3.0 or better OR have the equivalent from a comparable program at another college
  • Each applicant must formally submit a University at Albany standard application including a statement of objectives, 3 letters of recommendation, and graduate transcripts (if not already on file)
  • Applicants will be ranked by the Forensic Biology Admissions Committee on the quality of their statements, graduate academic records and supporting letters

Course Requirements

A minimum of nine earned credits from the list of coursework below. At least six credits of coursework from the Business Group, or from the Policy/Management Group, plus additional credits, if necessary, from any coursework group:

Business Group
Course Code Course Title Credits
BACC 518 Accounting for Managers 3
BBUS 523 Presentation Skills 1
BMGT 513 Organizational Behavior and Managerial Skills 3
BMGT 514 Human Resources Management 3

Policy/Management Group
Course Code Course Title Credits
RPAD 501 Public and Nonprofit Financial Management  
RPAD 503
(RPUB 503)
Principles of Public Economics 4
RPAD 506 Foundations of Public Management 4
RPAD 618 Public Personnel Administration 4

Other Group
Course Code Course Title Credits
RPAD 622 Methods of Public Policy Analysis  
RPAD 626 Evaluation of Public Sector Programs 4


For additional information, contact Dr. Don Orokos.