How To Apply to the Master's Program in Biology

The process for applying to a graduate program is handled throught the Office of Graduate Education. Please check the application deadlines and requirements for applying to the program.

To see detailed, instructions for the process of applying to graduate programs at the University at Albany, please see the Step-by-Step instructions for applying on the Graduate Education web site. All applications are submitted to the Unviersity through the Online Application Form.

Before applying to the general Masters in Biological Sciences, students must obtain a research mentor in the Department prior to acceptance. Although this does not apply to the M.S. in Forensic Biology or the M.S. in Biodiversity, Conservation & Policy, Students should not apply to the general M.S. program in Biological Sciences until they obtain explicit approval from a research mentor in the Department. The name of the mentor should be clearly stated in their statement of purpose on their application.

Once you have submitted your application through the Office for Graduate Education, the application will be sent to the Biological Sciences Admissions Committee for review.