M.S. in Biological Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions :


Throughout the descriptions of the M.S. programs, there are caveats about obtaining a Research advisor before applying. Why?

  Unlike the M.S. programs in Forensics and in Biodiversity, the general M.S. in Biological Sciences is a program with very limited scope: It is primarily intended for students who have an existing relationship with a professor. It does not accept students without a prior commitment from that professor.

Can I apply and then seek a research advisor?

  Technically you can, but you will almost certainly not be admitted. You will have paid a non-refundable application fee with little chance of success.

Can you give an example of a person who might be appropriate to this degree?

  A student who was an undergraduate research student at UAlbany and wants to stay additional time to finish an ongoing project, but has other plans that would preclude continuing for a PhD.

Isn't an M.S. degree required before continuing for a Ph.D.?

  No. If your long-range plan is to continue to the Ph.D., you should apply directly to the Ph.D. program.

How can I seek commitment from a research advisor?

  You would need to contact the professors directly. Start with the list of faculty who are supervising Ph.D. projects, since they are the ones most likely to be able to support your research.

If I have a commitment from a research advisor, how do I indicate that on my application?

  The name of the mentor should be clearly stated in their statement of purpose on their application.