Biodiversity, Conservation and Policy M.S.


The Biodiversity program is a multidisciplinary master's program offered at the University at Albany. This program combines classes from the several departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy to prepare students for careers that require knowledge of both natural science and public policy. Beginning in Fall 2019, the program will be housed in the Department of Geography and Planning.


Students learn the basic concepts in conservation biology, politics, policy and planning and how these fields interact in the real world. Biologists with a basic understanding of how policy relates to the goals of preservation and conservation are essential to conservation efforts. Our program, with its multidisciplinary approach, allows students to examine decision-making processes as both scientists and policy analysts.

In addition to the MS degree in Biodiversity, Conservation & Policy, students can earn certificates in Geographic Information Systems through the Department of Geography and Planning, and in Professional Science Management (PSM) in Biodiversity, Conservation & Policy. The PSM certificate provides additional training in areas of management and public administration, preparing students for careen in conservation administration

Located within New York's Capital District, we are surrounded by agencies and organizations involved in the day-to-day decisions that affect biodiversity preservation. Students are encouraged to work with these agencies by participating in internships which lead to a thesis. Alternatively, students are able to work with a faculty member on their research or create their own original research project.

Graduates enter careers with private and government organizations--local, state and national-- involved in resource management, land conservation, education and research. Many of our graduates have gone on to obtain PhDs.

Applications are submitted through the Graduate Admissions Office and are reviewed when completed. Although we will consider an application at any time, we recommend that applications be submitted before April 1 to receive full consideration.



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