Biodiversity, Conservation,
 and Policy

Five UAlbany Foundation Funds Support our Program

      The Charles and Harriet Adams Fund  

This fund was inaugurated in 1993, and supports our students with scholarships for tuition and stipends, research expenses, travel to professional meetings, and instructional support.




The Margaret Stewart Biodiversity Scholarship Fund

Meg Stewart, a SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, was our program's first Director. Her endowment was established in 2004, and awards student scholarships on the basis of merit and need.


The Edward Osborne Fund

A UAlbany alumnus and a close friend of Harriet Adam, Mr. Osborne was a biologist who helped begin our program. This endowment began with a 1993 gift to the UAlbany Alumni Association by his daughters, Harriet Osborne Martin and Elains Osborne.  

This fund supports scholarship and research awards for students in the program.


The Helga Karker M.S. '75 Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Karker's 2005 gift honors Professor Margaret Stewart, and is specifially aimed to support female graduate students in our program.

This fund emphasizes scholarship support for female graduate students with financial need.


The Anna May Lee Biodiversity Research Fund

A UAlbany alumna in Biological Sciences, Mrs. Lee paid a 2007 visit from her home in California with the intent of contributing to UAlbany. She was particularly interested in helping future students, and she selected our program as the recipient of a contribution from her estate.

This fund emphasizes support for student research through scholarships awards that assist our students with their research projects.



How To Donate to a UAlbany Foundation Fund


  1. Go to the UAlbany Foundation Donor Page

  2. Scroll down the page and click on "+ A Specific School or Program (click to view more options)"

  3. Scroll down and select "Other"

  4. Click "Continue", then specify a specific fund in the "Comments" box: