Biodiversity, Conservation,
 and Policy

Course Offerings

Biology Courses
Class Title Taught
BIO 515A Responsible Conduct and Skills in Research Fall semester
BIO 515B Responsible Conduct and Skills in Scientific Communication Spring semester
BIO 530A Biodiversity & Conservation Policy - Theoretical Issues Alternate Springs
BIO 530B/PAD665 Biodiversity & Conservation Policy - Policy Issues Alternate Springs
BIO 534 Spatial Statistics Spring Semester
BIO 555 Plant Ecology Fall Semester
BIO 563 Integrative Principles of Evolutionary Biology Fall semester

BIO 564 Integrative Principles of Ecology and Behavior Spring semester
BIO 601 Topics in Ecology
  * Wildlife Management
  * Conservation GIS
  * Landscape Conservation



BIO 621 Principles and Practices of Coastal Zone Management Fall 2016
BIO 630 Topics in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Policy Every semester
BIO 518 Ecological Modeling Fall semester

BIO 519 Human Population Genetics Fall semester

Public Policy and Political Science Courses
Class Title Taught
PAD 522 Politics and Policy Fall semester
PAD 529 Law and Policy Fall semester
PAD 612 Nonprofits and Public Policy Fall semester
PAD 616 Nonprofits and Social Transformation Fall semester
PAD 613 Issues in Nonprofit Managament Fall semester
POS 618 Qualitative Methods Fall semester
POS 619 Spatial Analysis Fall semester
POS 534 Environmental Restoration Fall semester
POS 517 Empirical Data Analysis Spring semester
POS 540 Public Policy Analysis Spring semester
POS 604 Inequality and Public Policy Spring semester
PAD 607 Non-Profit Governance Spring semester

POS 513

Field Seminar in Public Policy (PAD 526) Spring semester

Recommended Geography and Planning Courses
Class Title
GOG 502 Statistical Methods for Geography
GOG 504 Energy, Environment, and Climate Change
GOG 524 Landscape Ecology
GOG 525 Remote Sensing Applications
GOG 584 Remote Sensing
GOG 585 Digital Image Analysis
GOG 590 Advanced Cartography
GOG 596 Geographic Information Systems
GOG 597 Advanced GIS
PLN 530 Environmental Planning
PLN 532 Parks, Preservation, and Heritage Planning
PLN 533 Urban Ecology
PLN 535 Environmental Restoration & Brownfields Redevelopment

Other Recommended Courses
Class Title
PSY 510 Statistics and Experimental Methods I
PSY 511 Statistics and Experimental Methods II
MAT 554 Introduction to Theory of Statistics
MAT 555 Introduction to Theory of Statistics II
MAT 565 Applied Statistics
ATM 552 Climate Change
HIS 630 Research Seminar: Environmental History of New England and New York