Financial Support for Biology Ph.D Students

The Department of Biological Sciences offers many avenues of financial support—including doctoral scholarships and assistantships—to help biology Ph.D. students with degree costs. Every student admitted to the Ph.D. program receives support.


All students are eligible for:

  • A 1-year Teaching Assistantship
  • Salary for the summer following their first academic year

After the first year, students may seek a Research Assistantship or continue as a Teaching Assistant for up to 8 semesters (6 if they entered the program with an M.S.). Teaching Assistants also receive tuition scholarships.
Please be certain to check all application deadlines for receiving financial aid. Application deadlines for students seeking assistantships and other application requirements can be found on the Requirements and Deadlines page for the Biology Ph.D. on the Graduate Education web site.

University Awards

Ph.D. students in Biological Sciences may be eligible for the following awards:

Arvid J. and Mary A. Burke Fellowship
This fellowship is awarded to a graduate student in the Department of Biological Sciences to foster advanced study and research on molecular and cellular biology.

Benevolent Association Research Grants
These grants are awarded to defray the direct costs of research related to either dissertation projects or the completion of a terminal degree program. Awards are made in fall and spring.

Dissertation Research Fellowship Awards
This annual program supports students engaged in dissertation research by defraying the associated costs. It applies to research activity to be conducted during the period July 1 - June 30.

Graduate Student Association Research Grants
The Graduate Student Association offers all current graduate students at the University the opportunity to apply for research grants. These grants are intended to pay for or offset costs incurred while conducting sanctioned research.

Lawrence and Marie Shore Life Sciences Graduate Student Scholarship
This fund provides an annual graduate scholarship to a student pursuing a degree within the life sciences: biological sciences, chemistry, psychology, or the forensic sciences. Recipients should demonstrate financial need and academic achievement.

S. Peter and Anne Marfey Endowment
The Marfey Endowment provides grants to graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences engaged in the study of biological chemistry. The awards are intended to help students purchase books required for their graduate program.

Thermo Fisher Student Venture Fund
This fund awards two student teams $50,000 in business development aid to research proof-of-concept for commercially viable science technology applicable to RNA research.

Diversity Awards

Bridge to the Doctorate Program
This graduate fellowship and support program is designed for former participants in the Lewis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) or for students graduating from an LSAMP institution who are planning to matriculate in a graduate program in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM). In addition to the fellowship itself, awardees will receive full tuition, health insurance, support services, and opportunities to attend academic and professional workshops.

Carson Carr Graduate Diversity Scholarship
The University at Albany offers this competitive, merit-based scholarship to graduate students who will contribute to the diversity of the student body in their graduate or professional program. Diversity scholars will be expected to teach and/or assist with a faculty member’s research over the course of their graduate program.

Travel Awards

Biological Sciences Travel Awards
The Department of Biological Sciences typically offers travel awards 1-2 times per year (depending on funding) for graduate students traveling to meetings to present their research.

Graduate Student Association Travel Grants
The Graduate Student Association offers all current graduate students at the University the opportunity to apply for travel grants. These grants are intended to pay for or offset travel and other costs related to conference and/or exhibition participation.

RNA Institute Student and Postdoc Travel Award
This award helps to cover travel expenses for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working in labs within the UAlbany system so they may present posters or oral presentations at conferences or seminars. The poster or presentation must address research on RNA metabolism and/or RNA binding proteins, or use RNA as a tool.

Additional Resources

Additional resources can be found on the Graduate Education web site's Funding Graduate Study page. For general information on financial aid, please visit the University’s Student Financial Center.

Next Steps

Find out about the requirements for admission to the Ph.D. program in biology at the University at Albany. To find out more about applying, visit our How to Apply page.

All applications to graduate programs are handled by the Office of Graduate Education. To find out more about the process of applying to graduate programs at the University at Albany, please see the Step-by-Step instructions for applying on the Graduate Education web site.