Forensic Biology M.S.

The Forensic Biology M.S. degree at the University at Albany involves an unprecedented collaboration and cooperation between the Department of Biological Sciences and the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center situated adjacent to the university campus.

With the rapid development of advances in modern biology, and because of the precision of the science, courts are apportioning greater weight to physical DNA evidence. This has created a critical need for personnel with specialized training in the field of forensic biology.


The program's strong emphasis on the theories and techniques in forensic biology is designed to instruct individuals for scientific careers in various forensic science and conventional analytical laboratories. Graduates of the program can apply to private or public laboratories as DNA Analysts. Students with sufficient work experience could qualify for positions as laboratory supervisors, managers or directors. Graduates will also find the program very useful in pursuing future studies at the Ph. D. level.

Individuals seeking employment, as a forensic scientist in an accredited forensic science laboratory, will normally have to undergo a background check. Depending on the agency or company, the background check may be quite extensive and include a lie detector test, fingerprinting, and drug tests.

Applications are submitted through the Office of Graduate Education and are reviewed when completed. Since a limited number of slots are available, the later the application the less likely it is to receive full consideration. No applications for the Fall semester are considered after August 1.

More information about the program can be found in the University at Albany Graduate Bulletin.