Master's in Biology Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Is an M.S. degree necessary to I apply to the Ph.D. program?

  • No, a bachelors degree is required. Students interested in receiving a Ph.D. should apply directly to the Ph.D. program.

What are the Minimum application requirements / Pre-requisites?

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  • GPA of 3.0

What GRE scores are needed for graduate school?

  • Only the GRE General Test scores are required
  • You are unlikely to be admitted with scores below the 50th percentile
  • Other tests such as GMATs or MCATs are not applicable or accepted.Answer to Question #3

What is the English Proficiency requirement for international students?

  • TOEFL is required of all International Students
  • The Department maintains specific English proficiency standards for the support of international students who are accepted into our graduate program as follows:
  • Students are eligible for teaching assistantships with a TOEFL of 600-619 (paper) or 250-260 (computer) AND a GRE Verbal greater than or = to 60%
  • Students are eligible for teaching assistantships with TOEFL above 620 (paper) OR 260 (computer) AND a GRE Verbal greater than or = to 40%
  • Students are usually required to provide their own support with a TOEFL below: 600 (paper) OR 250 (computer); the UALBANY TOEFL minimum is: 550 (paper) OR 213 (computer).

What are the GRE and TOEFL Codes for UAlbany Biology Department?

  • GRE institution code is 2532.
  • TOEFL institution code is the same, 2532.

What Undergraduate or Graduate GPA should I have to apply to the MS program?

  • 2.75

How many credits are required to complete the masters program in Biology?

  • A total of 30 credits is required to complete the MS program in biology.

Can I transfer credits to your graduate program?

  • Yes. For the M.S. program, only 6 credits can transfer and the decision is made upon admission to the program.

How can I get an application?

How much is the application fee?

  • The current processing fee for MS applications is $75 and must be paid for an application to be considered complete and reviewed by the department. The fees are never waived.

What type of financial support is available?

  • No financial assistance is typically available for students seeking a Master’s Degree in Biology at the University at Albany.

How are Admissions Decisions made?

  • Once an application is complete [application form, fee paid, 3 letters of reference, all prior transcripts, statement of goals the file is transmitted to the department office.
  • The entire file and all required components are reviewed by a committee of faculty and a recommendation is sent forward to the University Graduate Admissions Office.
  • Students should expect at least 2 weeks for a file to be reviewed once the file is received in the department office.

Where do I submit my application?

What type of Housing is available?

  • On-campus apartments (
  • Off-campus apartments in a variety of urban, suburban and rural settings. This is the most popular choice for graduate students.

What are the deadlines for application?

I want to make a visit to the department, whom do I contact?