What Courses should I take?

You won't find a simple answer to this question, but there are things for you to consider.

First and most important, what interests you? No advisor can answer this question for you.

Second, what do you want to do after you graduate? Different career paths may dictate different course selections. Your advisor can give you some guidance from their experience, but you might want to consider additional sources: Pre-Health Advisement and Career Services.

Third, what courses are being offered?

Fourth, what degree requirements do you need to fulfill?

Fifth, for students transferring to the undergraduate programs in Biology, please note that progress toward the degree can often be hindered by inability to register for necessary courses. This can be due to a lack of prerequisites for a course or because the classes are not being taught in a particular semester. Additionally, many introductory courses fill up during early registration, so transfer students are encouraged to register as early as possible.

Sixth, because the coursework for undergraduate programs in Biology has a sequential progression, if you have not had Introductory Biology and/or Introductory Chemistry, it will likely take more than 2 years post-transfer or it will require intensive summer classes to complete all the degree requirements. See your advisor to review your specific program plan.