Contacting Your Advisor

Who is my Advisor?

  • Name should be available through MyUAlbany
  • If not, please contact the Biology Office, Bi 126.

How should I contact my Advisor and/or make an appointment?

Each Faculty has contact information on their web pages and in the Department directory. In addition, the Department posts office hours at the Department Office provided by the individual faculty. Faculty differ in how they prefer to be contacted by Advisees. Here are some general hints:

  • Use your UAlbany email. It may not be your preferred, but it will not be blocked by the SPAM filters, either going or coming.
  • Include your Name as it appears on MyUAlbany.
  • Make the Subject heading meaningful. Specify "Advising" and your name. Remember that emails with vague subject headings are often lost among the SPAM.
  • Don't phone from a long distance exchange (such as on many cell phones). It may be free for you, but it is not free for the University and the Advisor. Advisors are less likely to return those calls.
  • Plan ahead! You can not expect an immediate response. Faculty have many competing obligations.
  • Most advisors prefer to be contacted for an appointment by email.

***Note that Biology is not connected to ADVISOR TRACK***