Useful IT Links

Desktop support requests within Biology should be initiated through the Biology Technology Coordinator. The Biology TC can install Office 2003 or 2007 for PCs and Office 2004 or 2008 for Mac, but only on University tagged equipment.

All computers registered on the UAlbany system should follow relevant University IT Policies and IT Policies and Supporting Docs.

ITS has some software available free and some licensed for nominal charge; CAScomp keeps an archive of useful PC downloads on the V: share (//P2/software). The University licenses Microsoft's SCEP antivirus software and this is installed on University computers. For personal computers, the equivalent is Microsoft's Security Essentials, which uses the same antivirus protection, and can be downloaded and updated for free. The University still has Symantec Antivirus available for University-owned Mac computers.

Personal University Academic Software purchases are available through a link toward the lower left of your MyUAlbany page..

Problems with Unix services such as email and MyUAlbany should be referred to the ITS HelpDesk.

Students can request assistance with their personal equipment at the HelpDesk in LC27.

Problems with eRes and Library services should be referred to the Library Information Commons.

Problems with BlackBoard should be referred to the HelpDesk or consult the web page.

Questions about SUNY logos: UAlbany Branding and SUNY-statewide Branding. I have a web page of useful University logos linked from the Faculty/Staff page.

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