Life Sciences Research Symposium - 2010

The Life Sciences Research Symposium was held on Fri, Sept. 17, 2010, in the D'Ambra Auditorium. All first year biology, biopsychology, and chemistry graduate students were encouraged to participate. The Life Science Research Symposium was an even bigger success this year than last year! We had 50-75 people in attendance at the talks at any given time. The poster session was very well-attended. Many attendees were impressed with the quality of the student presentations and posters. Students reported that they appreciated hearing from their peers about what is going on in other labs. We hope to see increased collaborative efforts within the building as a result of this symposium.


Congratulations to all presenters for a job well done! The judges all commented that it was difficult to identify the best talks and posters since so many of them were "fantastic." The following talks and posters were selected as the best of the best.

Best Talks

  • Priya Banerjee (Pande Lab, Chemistry) Structure, dynamics and surface hydrophobicity of the cataract-associated P23T mutant of human gammaD-crystallin: molecular basis of lens opacity
  • Abhijit Jadhav (Musah Lab, Chemistry) The unsual ability of the HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein to affect the electrophoretic mobility of nucleic acids
  • Dr. Sharon Sequeira (Larsen Lab, Biology) Effecs of nanofiber scaffold structure on 3D cell morphology and focal adhesion complex formation in salivary gland epithelial cells
  • Abith Vattekkatte (Block Lab, Chemistry) Trifluoromethylselenomethionine: A new non-natural amino acid

Best posters

  • Matthew Mitchell (Gonder Lab, Biology)The genetic structure of chimpanzee populations: new evidence from Cameroon
  • Shayoni Ray (Larsen Lab, Biology) Cellular modeling of salivary gland branching morphogenesis
  • Nakesha Smith (Theimer Lab, Chemistry) Kinetic studies of beta-sheet forming repetitive polypeptides: insights into intramolecular beta-sheet folding