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Belfort appointed to NIH Advisory Council

The National Institutes of Health announced that Dr. Marlene Belfort was one of nine individuals recently appointed to the NIH Council of Councils, which advises the NIH Director of the Division of Program Coordination, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives.

2014 Pew Scholar

Prashanth Rangan was named today as a 2014 Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Rangan was awarded for his investigations into the role of non-coding RNA in the fate of stem cells. [More...]

2014 Recognition of Graduates

The Ceremony to recognize the 2014 Graduates was held on the Podium on May 17. This was a first time in this location and the ceremony went off with a minimum of glitches. Photos from the Ceremony can be found in a slide show by clicking the picture or heading above, or by going directly to our Flickr Photo site.

Biology students receive research awards

Several Biology majors have been recognized for their undergraduate research. Justin Coon (supervisor: R. Reliene) and Alex Schin (supervisor: C. Pager) received Greenwald Awards; Stanley Abraham (supervisor: M. Larsen/S. Sequeira) received a Presidential Award; Alvin George (supervisor: Ewan McNay) received a Zimberg Award; Kathryn Fanning (supervisor: P.Agris) received a Schmid Award.

31st UG Research Symposium

Biology's 31st Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on April 18. The general excellence of the laboratory work of the students was on display: there were 26 posters presentations and 15 oral presentations. Students worked in labs in Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Public Health, CNSE, Albany Med, Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and Wadsworth Center, [Photos ...]

Life Science Scholarship

Matt Mitchell has been awarded a 2013-14 Lawrence and Marie Shore Scholarship in the Life Sciences. Matt works in the laboratory of Dr. Katy Gonder and studies biodiversity and primates in Cameroon and Gabon.

Science and Animal Enthusiast

Senior Corine Giroux's love of animals was put to good use doing research with Dr. Gary Kleppel on the use of livestock to manage invasive species. Although already coming from the background in agriculture, the project allowed Corine to obtain further experience working with livestock. [more...]

Student Work featured on Journal Cover

The work of graduate student, Erica Hutchins, appears in the September 11 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience  (Hutchins & Szaro, 2013), and an image from her work is featured on the cover. The research concerns the biochemical regulation of the growth of nerves and was performed in the lab of Professor Ben Szaro. The cover photograph shows fluorescent labeling of various proteins in a Xenopus laevis embryo and was taken with the Confocal Microscope in the Biological Imaging Facility.

Graduation 2013

The Department's Graduation Recognition Ceremony was held on Saturday, May 18. Congressman Paul D. Tonko [photos] was the invited speaker. The first 250 photographs from the ceremony are in a slide show. Any picture from within the slide show can be downloaded at 1800x1200 resolution from Flickr: double click the picture and Flickr will open. [Photos...]

Biology students receive research awards

Several Biology majors have been recognized for their undergraduate research. Justin Coon (supervisor: R. Reliene) and Alex Schin (supervisor: C. Pager) received Greenwald Awards; Stanley Abraham (supervisor: M. Larsen/S. Sequeira) received a Presidential Award; Alvin George (supervisor: Ewan McNay) received a Zimberg Award; Kathryn Fanning (supervisor: P.Agris) received a Schmid Award.

30th Undergrad Research Symposium

The 30th Biology Undergrad Research Symposium was held on April 26. The all-day event featured posters and talks by current students and invited talks by alums of the program. Congratulations to all presenters for their excellent research, and expecially to the award winners. [photos]

Parks protect rare species

George Robinson was featured in The Sunday Gazette after returning from a sabbatical during which he worked with the NY Natural Heritage Program database and analyzed the role of state parks in protecting rare plants and animals. His analysis emphasizes that, although the parks comprise less than 1% of New York's area, they need to play a major role in protecting rare and endangered species. His findings were published in the Natural Areas Journal.

Richard D. Kelly, 1935-2013

Professor Richard Kelly, an emeritus professor of Biological Sciences, passed away on January 17. Dick joined the Department in 1965 and retired in 1989. He specialized in Biology Education and was a pioneer in using film, audio and other media in his teaching.

Allstadt receives Thesis Award

Dr. Andrew Allstadt was awarded the Paul C. Lemon Award "...for a thesis that is an outstanding contribution to our understanding of the ecological and environmental problems, inter-relationships and challenges in man’s natural world."

Conservation Project in Central Africa

Dr. Katy Gonder will conduct an international biodiversity conservation project in Central Africa. In collaboration with the National Science Foundation’s Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) program. Gonder will develop an evolutionarily-informed framework for protecting Central African biodiversity. [more...]

Chen receives NIH grant

Professor Haijun Chen received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue his study changes in cardiac potassium channels. The grant builds on work previously funded by the American Heart Association and presented in the journal Science Signalling. The work focuses on characterizing the ways that specific pores in the cell membranes can maintain their selectivity for the potassium ion. [more]

Graduation Recognition Ceremony

The Department recognized the accomplishments of the 2012 graduates at a Recognition Ceremony at the PAC Main Auditorium on Saturday May 19 at Noon. Over 100 graduates receiving BS and BA degrees in Biological Sciences and BS degrees in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology attended along with 500 guests. [PHOTOS]

29th Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on April 27th. Congratulations to the Award winners: Stanley Abraham, Miry Almada-Makebish, Elizabeth Apraku, Joseph Fanti, Mohammed Makshood, Gregory Moy, Nyla Naim, Brooke Pati, and Umang Sharma. Photo Gallery [note: dbl-click >'actions' >'view all sizes'].

Graduate Scholarship

The Lawrence and Marie Shore Graduate Scholarship in the Life Sciences enhances the educational mission through the provision of an annual graduate scholarship to a student studying Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Neuroscience or Biophysics.  Each award shall be applied to a graduate student in financial need and with demonstrated academic achievement. [more..]

Grants to study salivary gland development and function

Dr. Melinda Larsen was awarded two grants to investigate salivary gland development. One grant from the Sjögren's foundation is directed at the hypothesis that Rac1 signaling is disrupted in Sjögren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease resulting in dry mouth, dry eye, and other symptoms. The second grant from the National Institute of Health continues work with CNSE and GE on the "Effect of Extracellular Scaffold Elasticity and Binding Site Density on Salivary Acinar Cell Differentiation".

Life Sciences Research Symposium

The Life Sciences Initiative held its 3rd Annual Research Symposium on Oct. 28. Haijun Chen and Ewen McNay were the organizers. Posters and talks were presented by graduate students and postdocs from the labs and research groups in the Life Sciences. Best Talk awards went to Sarah Peters from the Larsen Lab and Matt Mitchel from the Gonder Lab; Best Poster award went to Paul Sesink Clee from the Gonder Lab. [Photos]

Alumna & Black Death

Forensics Alumna Sarah Schmedes was co-author on a paper in Nature describing the genome of a strain of Y. pestis obtained from a burial site dating to 1350, and responsible for the great European plague epidemic.

Life Science Scholarships

Erica Hutchins and Yuanyuan (Kevin) Liu have each been awarded a 2011-12 Lawrence and Marie Shore Scholarship in the Life Sciences. Erica and Kevin both work in the laboratory of Dr. Ben Szaro.

Chen receives AHA grant

Professor Haijun Chen received an American Heart Association grant for three years to study changes in cardiac potassium channels. The grant follows a recent paper published in the journal Science Signalling and focuses on characterizing the ways that specific pores in the cell membranes can maintain their selectivity for the potassium ion. [more]

Group travels to Gabon

Dr. Katy Gonder and her graduate students Matt Mitchell and Paul Sesink Clee traveled to Cameroon and Gabon for a workshop on biodiversity in the Congo Basin. The travel by train and "bush taxi" was an eye-opener for the students who had not previously traveled to the region.

Congratulations, Class of 2011

Congratulations to the Biological Sciences and Biocheminstry/Molecular Biology graduates of 2011. The Faculty and Staff wish you success and prosperity in all your future endeavors. [Photos from the Recognition Ceremony]

Undergrad Research Symposium

Congratulations to all the participants in the 28th Annual Biology Research Symposium. Special congratulations to the Award winners: for Oral Presentations, Vivek Bhatty, Greg DeIulio, Nyla Naim, Umang Sharma and Vlatko Stejanoski; for Poster Presentaions, Amanda Faris, Brandon King and Brooke Pati. [photos]

Osuna receives NSF grant

Professor, Robert Osuna received a National Science Foundation Award for 4 years to investigate the cellular processes used to regulate the bacterial global gene regulator DksA, which is involved in the cellular response to nutritional stress. [more]

Biology majors recognized as Leaders

Congratulations to Biology majors Emmanuel Adomfeh (Outstanding Senior Award) and Giovanny Destin (Great Dane Award) for receiving 2011 President's Awards for Leadership.

Pan Li receives NSF Career Award

Professors Pan Li has received an NSF Career Award for his work on RNA folding. Alternative folding of the molecules is an intrinsic property of RNA and plays a critical role in gene regulation. The single-molecule study will provide observations necessary to calibrate the leading folding theories, and will foster close collaborations between biologists and physicists [more]

Environmental Lead

Professors Helmut Hirsch and Greg Lnenicka are collaborating with researchers at Wayne State University and have received funding from NIH/NIEHS for a project entitled "QTL and Microarray mapping of lead toxicity genes". The research examines the effect of lead exposure on nervous system development and involves behavioral, physiological and genetic investigations in drosophila.

Kleppel's sheep earn keep

Professor Gary Kleppel has been investigating ways to remediate the proliferation of invasive plant species. One approach that has proved fruitful is to employ animals that will browse on the plant. Sheep can remove purple loosestrife and other invasives more efficiently than mechanical or chemical means at a NY nursery. [see video][Times Union]

Lnenicka awarded NSF grant

Greg Lnenicka has received an NSF grant titled "Synaptic Homeostasis". Dr. Lnenicka's research investigates the physiological processes by which neurons and muscles can adapt to ongoing levels of activity. [more]

Careers in Biological and Environmental Sciences

On Nov 3, CARSS and Career Services hosted a panel discussion directed at students seeking job possibilities. Panelists were from various external organization. This event was part of the effort towards retention and advancement of students in science and technology careers.

Katy Gonder featured in TU blog

Associate Professor Katy Gonder was featured in Daniel Nester's Times Union Blog. She responded to issues related to a Senate candidate's comment that "evolution is a myth".

Life Sciences Research Symposium

The Life Sciences Research Symposium (September, 2010) provided an opportunity for local researchers to share their current work. A panel of judges acknowledged some of the best presentations. Talks: Priya Banerjee, Abhijit Jadhav, Dr. Sharon Sequeira, Abith Vattekkatte; Posters: Matthew Mitchell, Shayoni Ray, Nakesha Smith.

Corrado Baglioni 1933-2010

The Department is saddened by the passing of Professor Emeritus Corrado Baglioni, MD. Dr. Baglioni was a cell biologist who, in the 1970s, investigated the role of interferon in the degradation of double stranded DNA and, in the 1960s, contributed to our understanding of thalassemia, an inherited blood disease. He was Department Chair from 1973-5.

2010 Graduation

Congratulations to Graduates! Several sets of photos from the Biology Recognition Ceremony and a few from around the Podium on Saturday are available through our Flickr site. [PHOTOS].

2010 UG Research Symposium & Awards

The 27th Annual Research Symposium included 22 posters and 15 oral presentations.[Photos]. The award winners were: Glenn Bumpus Award - Erden Goljo; Departmental Awards - Emmanuel Adomfeh, Merve Ay, Fraulin Joseph, Daniel Leonard, Francelina Morillo, Karen Torrejon, Shayna Vega.

Presidential Awards for UG Research

Sam Centanni and Erden (Eddie) Goljo have received Presidential Awards for Undergraduate Research. Both students are working in the lab of Dr. Melinda Larsen. Sam was mentored by grad student Will Daley and Eddie was mentored by Research Scientist Riffard Jean Giles.

The RNA Institute founded

The RNA Institute has been established to foster collaborations between investigators using RNA to develop innovative medicines and vaccines. Paul Agris will serve as founding director.

Chancellor's Awards

Biology and BCMB students Erin Duffy, Fareed Haddad, Francelina Morillo and Julita Patrosz have received the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence. They will be honored at a SUNY-wide ceremony on April 6.

Daniel L. McKinley 1925-2010

Emeritus Faculty Dan McKinley passed away on March 20. Dan joined the faculty of the Department in 1966 and retired in 1989. He was a quiet scholar whose writings often emphasized historical and biographical aspects of his subjects.

Alumna Honored

Dr. Sallie W. (Penny) Chisolm (Ph.D., 1974) of MIT is the recipient of the ALEXANDER AGASSIZ MEDAL from the National Academy of Sciences. She is being honored for pioneering studies of the dominant photosynthetic organisms in the sea and for integrating her results into a new understanding of the global ocean.

Student Leadership Awards

Several Biology majors received 2010 President's Leadership Awards: Emmanuel Adomfeh - Great Dane Award; Amy Rowe - Five Quad Award; Fraulin Joseph - Great Dane Award; Julita Patrosz - Distinguished Scholar-Leader. The Faculty and Staff congratulate them.

Jerram Brown listed among Leaders

Emeritus Professor Jerram Brown is one of 21 scholars profiled in "Leaders in Animal Behavior: Second Generation" (Ed., L. Drickamer & D. Dewksbury, Cambridge Press, 2010).

Kevin Liu awarded Fellowship

Yuanyuan (Kevin) Liu has been awarded an American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship for his research.

Szaro receives NSF grant

Dr. Ben Szaro was recently funded by NSF to investigate "Post-transcriptional regulation of neurofilament expression during axon outgrowth." The funding will allow continuation of Dr. Szaro's work on growth of neurons during development and recovery from injury.