Prerequisites for entry into the program

To prepare for entry into the Bioinstrumentation program, students are required to complete 38 credits of science and math courses during their freshman and sophomore years and maintain an overall GPA of 2.5.

The following UAlbany courses fulfill these prerequisites:

Transfer students can use the UAlbany Course Equivalency Database to determine if courses they have taken at other institutions will fulfill these requirements. If you have any questions about course equivalencies, or if courses you have taken are not included in the equivalency table, they can be addressed to the program director.

Students are not expected to have all prerequisites completed before applying for admission to the Bioinstrumentation program. However, students should plan for completion prior to initiating the Bioinstrumentation course sequence in the fall of their junior year, and they should indicate in the application essay their plan for meeting this goal. At the discretion of the Bioinstrumentation Program Admissions Committee, prospective students who will not meet all of the prerequisites by the start of their junior year may be offered admission as a proposed or intended major, in which case they will need to complete the program entrance requirements while enrolled at UAlbany.