CARD Albany provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to pursue Directed Study/Research in the area of autism spectrum disorders.

Directed Study/Research in Psychology at the Center for Autism provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to participate in autism research and to gain a broad range of experiences while learning more about autism and other developmental disabilities. To receive course credit, students complete 6 hours of work in the laboratory each week (typically divided into 3 hour blocks, two days each week) over the course of the entire semester. Undergraduate research assistants contribute to ongoing research projects by conducting literature searches; collecting, scoring, and entering data; assisting with statistical analyses; and providing general support to research faculty. In addition, students complete the IRB- Human Subjects Training requirement, several course assignments, and participate in monthly meetings.

The Center is also headquarters to a statewide network of Regional Centers for Autism Spectrum Disorders, and provides education and training, as well as information and referrals, to parents and professionals seeking autism resources. As such, students may also be involved in assisting staff in compiling and disseminating training information; creating materials for seminars and workshops; and organizing community-wide events. Undergraduate research assistants work closely with graduate students throughout the semester