CARD has supported a number of graduate students in the clinical psychology doctoral program at the University at Albany who have interest in conducting research in the field of autism.

The Center provides graduate students with the opportunity to build research experience grounded in evidence-based practice for individuals with autism, as well as opportunities to participate in school and parent trainings. Graduate students who receive assistantships through the Center are also encouraged to attend conferences in order to present CARD research and learn about the most current research in the field of autism. Graduate students who acquire a range of skills and experiences through their training at CARD and through the clinical program at UAlbany have proven to be extremely competitive candidates for clinical internships.

Current research being conducted at the Center involves parent education programming, assessment of peer and teacher attitudes towards students with autism, peer-based social skills intervention, mealtime intervention, and examination of possible early indicators of autism in infants. Please visit our research page for more detailed information regarding our current research projects.