Radiation and Remote Sensing Researchers

Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Researchers

    Liu, Jiping

    Associate Professor
    Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
    Campus Address: ES 211
    Phone: 518-442-4048
    Email: jliu26@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Climate-Cryosphere Dynamics, Feedbacks and Modeling, Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Interactions, Application of Remote Sensing in Oceans

    Zhou, Liming

    Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
    Campus Address: ES 312
    Phone: 518-442-4446
    Email: lzhou@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Land-atmosphere/climate interaction, land-surface remote sensing, land-surface modeling, and climate modeling

Atmospheric Sciences Research Center Researchers

    Ferguson, Craig R.

    Research Associate
    Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
    Adjunct Faculty
    Campus Address: 251 Fuller Road
    Albany, New York 12203
    Campus Address: CESTM-L110
    Phone: 518-437-8752
    Email: crferguson@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Observing, diagnosing and understanding land-atmosphere interactions; satellite remote sensing of atmospheric profiles, soil moisture, and evapotranspiration; understanding the hydrological response to climate change; constructing climate-quality reanalyses.

    Min, Qilong

    Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
    Campus Address: 251 Fuller Road, Albany
    New York 12203
    Phone: 518-437-8742
    Email: qmin@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Climate change alters the radiation, temperature, sea surface pressure, and precipitation distributions, and also forces terrestrial vegetation and ecological systems to adapt. Great attention has being paid to potential aerosol impacts on cloud microphysical and radiative properties, as the indirect effect of aerosols currently produces the greatest uncertainty in climate predictions among all known climate forcing mechanisms. Large climate feedback uncertainties limit the accuracy in predicting the response of Earth´s climate to the atmospheric CO2 increase.