Justin Minder

Justin Minder

Studies mountain weather and climate, mesoscale dynamics, regional climate, hydrometeorology

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Justin R. Minder
Associate Professor

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

ES 339B
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PhD (Atmospheric Sciences): University of Washington (2010)
BA (Physics & Geology): Vassar College (2004)

Research Interests

Mountain weather and climate; regional climate; mesoscale dynamics; hydrometeorology


Selected recent publications
(full listing at: http://www.atmos.albany.edu/facstaff/jminder/research/index.html)

Minder, JR, DE Kingsmill, 2013: Mesoscale variations of the atmospheric snowline over the
northern Sierra Nevada: multi-year statistics, case study, and mechanisms. Journal of the
Atmospheric Sciences
, 70, 916-938.

Smith, RB, JR Minder, AD Nugent, DJ Kirshbaum, T Storelvmo, R Warren, N Lareau, A
James, and J French, 2012: Orographic Precipitation in the Tropics: The Dominica
experiment. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 93, 1567-1579.

Minder, JR, DR Durran, GH Roe, 2011: Mesoscale Controls on the Mountainside
Snow-line. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 68, 2107-2127.

Minder, JR, PW Mote, JD Lundquist, 2010: Surface temperature lapse rates over complex
terrain: Lessons from the Cascade Mountains. Journal of Geophysical Research -
, 115 , D14122.