Christopher Thorncroft

Christopher D. Thorncroft

Studies tropical weather and climate with an emphasis on variability of West African monsoon rainfall, tropical waves and Atlantic hurricanes

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Christopher D. Thorncroft

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

ES 226



University of Bristol      Physics           BSc Hons   1984
University of Reading   Meteorology   MSc            1985
University of Reading   Meteorology   PhD            1988

Research Interests

My research is mainly focused on improving our understanding of the West African monsoon and how it impacts Atlantic tropical cyclone variability. The research spans a wide range of timescales from diurnal to multidecadal. At the weather scale my research is focused on understanding the physical processed that impact the nature  and variability of African easterly waves (AEWs). This includes a special emphasis on how AEWs interact with the ubiquitous mesoscale convective systems and ultimately how this affects the probability that AEWs will help spawn tropical cyclones. Recent work at the weather scale has also emphasized the role of convectively coupled equatorial waves on the West African monsoon and Atlantic tropical cyclogenesis frequency. At the climate scale I am interested in better understanding the annual cycle of the West African monsoon as well as the processes that impact interannual to decadal variability and predictability of Sahel rainfall.


* indicates a student or post doc.

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