Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

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Undergraduate Programs

Offering both a BS in Atmospheric Science and a BS in Environmental Science, the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (DAES) provides students the educational tools for careers in meteorology and environmental science. Students have access to internships with the National Weather Service as well as opportunities to conduct research on environmental issues such as air pollution, water and soil contamination, climate change, and biodiversity.

B.S. in Atmospheric Science (Meteorology)

The Atmospheric Science undergraduate program provides a broad background in three fundamental areas of atmospheric science: synoptic (observations and weather forecasting), dynamic (theory and computer modeling), and physical (lightning, acid rain, cloud physics, and atmospheric chemistry).

B.S. in Environmental Science*

In addition to a core of environmental science classes, students in the BS in Environmental Science select one of four distinct specializations: Ecosystems, Climate Change, Geography, and Sustainability Science and Policy. Atmospheric Science is also a core discipline in Environmental Science.

Because the department also has highly active research programs in these areas, undergraduates have plentiful opportunities for involvement in research projects, some of which are paid, part-time jobs.

* This is a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Environmental Sciences