Financial Support

Graduate Assistantships

Fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships are available for students in the doctoral program with stipends beginning at $24,500 per calendar year. Students in the master's program are eligible only for research assistantships with 12-month stipends of $22,500. Tuition scholarships for up to 18 credits per year are offered to all students receiving financial support.

Graduate Applications

You must apply to the program through the The Graduate School. You can now apply online. Students are encouraged to apply directly to the PhD program even if their immediate goal is the MS degree.

For more information on the Graduate program send an email request to the Dept office; or email, call, or write to:

Dr. Paul Roundy, Graduate Recruitment Director
Dept.of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences - ES 339A
University at Albany, Albany NY 12222, USA.