Experimental Studies in Aerosols and Chemical Kinetics Researchers

Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Researchers

    Keesee, Robert G.

    Associate Professor
    Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
    Campus Address: ES 214
    Phone: 518-442-4566
    Email: rkeesee@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Chemistry of planetary atmospheres, atmospheric aerosols, nucleation phenomena, ion solvation, gas-surface interactions, ion-molecule and ion-aerosol interactions, chemical and physical properties of molecular clusters and aerosols

Atmospheric Sciences Research Center Researchers

    Schwab, James

    Senior Research Associate
    Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
    Research Associate Professor
    Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
    Campus Address: 251 Fuller Road
    Albany, New York 12203
    Campus Address: CESTM L107
    Phone: 518-437-8754
    Email: jschwab@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Field Measurements of Trace Gas and Aerosol Pollutants, Urban, Near Roadway, and On Road Measurements of Pollutants, Instrument and Method Development and Evaluation for Continuous Measurement Systems, Measurement and Analysis of New Particle Formation, Laboratory Measurements of Aerosol Chemistry and Dynamics, and Evaluation of Instrumentation, Evaluation and Analysis of Measurement Data, including Long Term Trends of Trace Species, and Detailed Analysis of Intensive Field Projects