About the Department

The current group of scientists in DAES covers a broad range of interests in the atmospheric and environmental sciences. With their broad portfolio of research interests, the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental sciences faculty offer students opportunities to work with world-class researchers on projects inspired by some of the most pressing questions and challenges facing humankind.

World-class Facilities

The Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Science’s research and teaching facilities are among the most advanced in the nation. The synoptic-dynamic program is supported by a fully equipped state-of-the-art electronic Map Room. The Map Room includes displays of live satellite, radar, and other observational data, together with model forecasts from around the world. The room is used for teaching and weekly weather discussions, and as a venue for students to hone their forecasting skills.

Life Enhancing Research

The Department’s main areas of research and study include synoptic-dynamic meteorology, severe weather, climate variability and change (including past, present and future), hydrometeorology, theoretical meteorology (spanning planetary through convective scales), and tropical meteorology including hurricanes and monsoons.

Whether it is studying the structure of hurricanes, measuring the effectiveness of extreme weather prediction models, or exploring the impacts of climate variability and change this research has a far-reaching impact on industry, public policy, and the breadth of understanding of the world around us.