Applying for Honors in the Major

Prior to applying for Honors in the major, you are strongly encouraged to carefully review the Departmental Honors Program requirements in atmospheric science or environmental science, in addition to having discussed the program with your advisor.

• You must apply for Honors in the major by the end of the first semester of your Junior year (e.g., you should apply when there are no fewer than three semesters remaining before graduation). 
• In order to qualify for admission into the Honors program in the major, you must have a 3.25 cumulative GPA, and a 3.5 GPA in courses specific to the major.
• The application entails:
- An email to the Chair ( stating your interest in applying for Honors in your major.  In your letter, you should also state your research interests, and which faculty member(s) you are considering working with for your Honors research, leading to a thesis and oral presentation.  The email should also be sent to the Undergraduate Program Director (Prof. Rob Fovell;, the Departmental Administrative Manager (Chaina Porter;, and your academic advisor.
- Two letters of recommendation.  It is preferable that both letters come from DAES faculty members who have knowledge of the student through coursework, but at least one must come from a DAES faculty member, and your advisor may write one of the letters.  The letters of recommendation must be sent to the same recipients of the application email (see above).