Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness

Assessment Methods

General Information

Assessing Student Attainment in the Academic Major: What's the Question?" UAlbany IR Research Report No. 16   Outlines the philosophical foundations for assessment of student learning, summarizes the generic purposes of collecting evaluation and assessment information, and offers a list of methodologies for academic departments to consider.
Overview of the Assessment Methods used by academic departments and programs at the University of Colorado at Boulder
  Brief descriptions of course embedded, stuent projects, capstone courses portfolio evaluation, nationally normed tests, unit specific tests, pre-post tests, and surveys and interviews
The Busy Chairperson's Guide to Assessment at Southeast Missouri State
  A short and sweet overview of assessment.
National Postsecondary Education Cooperative (NPEC) Sourcebook of Assessment Information Volume I   Published tests or rubrics assessing critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills with full descriptions and analyses of a plethora of published instruments.
Assessment Techniques and Activities used at Montana State University
  An extensive list of potential ways to collect evidence of student learning
Questions to Ask When Evaluating Tests   In a 1994 issue of Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation, Lawrence Rudner gives an excellent list of guidelines to use when considering any published instrument.

How to Use the Mental Measurements Yearbook by the Buros Institute. (The Mental Measuresments Yearbook is available in the Main or Dewey Libraries, call number: REF LB 1131 Z9 B8 1998)

  An excellent sourcebook available in most college libraries for tests and instruments on all kinds of mental traits. It includes instrument information, contact information, citations, and critical reviews by scholars. This site gives tips on using the MMY.

Capstone Courses
Capstone Courses at Truman State University's Assessment Almanac   Overview of the use of capstone courses
A Capstone Course for Undergraduate Statistics Majors by John D. Spurrier, University of South Carolina, Journal of Statistics Education Volume 9, Number 1 (2001)
  Discusses a capstone course for undergraduate statistics majors at the University of South Carolina.
Capstone Course Evaluation from the University of Wisconsin, Madison's Assessment Manual   General overview of capstone courses.

Course-Embedded Assessment
Course-Embedded Assessment at the University of Wisconsin

Perfomance-based Assessment
Scoring Rubrics: What, When, and How? by Barbara Moskal in Practical Assessment, Research, & Evaluation   Explains types and uses of the scoring rubric approach and provides a process for developing scoring rubrics.
Scoring Rubrics Resources
  Multiple resources on rubrics

Student Portfolios
Search for Portfolio information

  Indiana University School of Education's Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication. Information repository assembled from the World Wide Web, ERIC Database, and a variety of other bibliographic resources.
Special Focus Area - Portfolios by the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction,
Maricopa Community Colleges
  Links to several sites on portfolio assessment
Alverno College's Diagnostic Digital Portfolio 

  Designed to allow students, faculty, and academic staff to upload assignments and assessments, feedback and self-assessments for review on a regular basis, track students' growing development as a learner, and develop strategies for improvement

The Use of Portfolio Assessment in Evaluation, Meg Sewell, Mary Marczak, & Melanie Horn, University of Arizona, Tucson.

  A general overview of portfolio assessment that also contains an annotated bibliography
The Digital Portfolio: A Richer Picture of Student Performance by the Coalition of Essential Schools' Digital Portfolio Project

Research project funded by IBM to explore the development and use of digital portfolios in five high schools

Learner-Centered Authentic Assessment at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  Description of Senior Assignment (SRA) assessment - similar to a porfolio but has more to do with a scholarly engagement between a student and dedicated professor(s) that results in a product.


The Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) by ACT

  Assesses college students' academic achievement in core general education skills.
Higher Education Assessment Support by ETS   ETS offers an array of tests and surveys that can be used in outcomes assessment and institutional evaluation.
The NPEC Sourcebook on Assessment, Volume 1: Definitions and Assessment Methods for Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Writing   Compendium of information about tests at the postsecondary education level used to assess three skills: critical thinking, problem solving, and writing.
The Association for Institutional Research (AIR) links to sites focusing on testing   Unannotated link listing
Measuring Quality: Choosing Among Surveys and Other Assessments of College Quality, 2001   American Council on Education (ACE) and Association for Institutional Research (AIR) guide that describes and compares 27 national surveys and assessments used to examine student performance and institutional qulality.
Test Locator from the Mental Measurement's Yearbook   If you are looking for an assessment test or instrument, this is the place to start, with information on thousands of instruments.
Senior Tests at Truman State University   List of standardized tests required of all seniors by discipline.