Pinnacle State Park Field Site

This site is located in southwest New York State within the boundaries of Pinnacle State Park, at an elevation of approximately 1650 above sea level. The site, located on a shale shelf, is on the eastern slope of Orr Hill, part of the Allegheny Plateau of southern New York State and northern Pennsylvania. The average annual temperature at this site is 7.8°C; and the average temperature range is from -18 to 31°C.

The equipment at this site is housed in by a 2.4m by 7.3m Ekto air monitoring shelter. The shelter is climate controlled and adjacent to a folding 10 meter meteorological tower. ASRC deployed instruments and samplers for the measurement of particulate matter (primarily PM2.5) began to be deployed at the site. Inlets for all PM instruments are at the same height, 5 meters above ground level, and 2 meters above the shelter roof. The samplers collecting integrated filter samples are all located outside, either attached to the roof deck, or mounted on a nearby platform. The continuous and semi-continuous PM instruments, with one exception, are installed inside the shelter and have straight metal inlet tubes that penetrate the shelter roof.