Scott Miller

Surface exchange processes. How heat, momentum, and trace gases (e.g., CO2) are transferred between the earth's surface and the atmosphere

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Scott D. Miller
Research Associate

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Atmospheric Sciences Research Center

Adjunct Professor
Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences



State University of New York at Buffalo  Mechanical Engineering  B.S. 1991
University of California at Irvine   Engineering   M.S. 1994
University of California at Irvine  Engineering   Ph.D. 1998
University of California at Irvine   Earth System Science      Postdoc, 1998-2003

Research Interests

Surface exchange processes, or the way that things like heat, momentum, and trace gases (e.g., CO2) are transferred between the earth's surface and the atmosphere.  These fluxes are driven to a large degree by atmospheric turbulence, and we measure them directly using techniques such as eddy covariance.  My research is field-oriented, meaning that we deploy scientific instruments in field settings, including forests, lakes and rivers, and the ocean.  These data can be used to improve the understanding of processes controlling surface exchange, and then be used in climate models to address questions about current and future biogeochemical cycles and climate.

Additional Information

Miller Research Lab


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