Renewable Energy

Richard Perez
Qilong Min
Jeff Freedman

This field of research covers issues where a better knowledge and characterization of the solar resource may influence the performance of solar energy applications (i.e., technical feasibility, technological design, socio-economics). Currently, two parallel tracks of research are conducted at the ASRC.

Firstly, solar resource characterization is studied using remote sensing by satellites. Several of the models developed at ASRC are incorporated into well-known solar energy/building system simulation programs (e.g., PVFORM, DOE-2) and national data sets (e.g., USDOE's TMY-2 data, ASHRAE's WYEC-2 data).

Secondly, electrical peak demand mitigation using photovoltaics is researched. Solar energy can be converted into electricity using several technologies: the two leading technologies include photovoltaics and solar thermal. Because of its modularity, the former is well suited for dispersed production (e.g., using available roofs), while the second is more appropriately suited for centralized production in sunny climates.