Thunderstorm Electrification and Lightning

Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Researchers

    Corbosiero, Kristen L.

    Assistant Professor
    Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
    Campus Address: ES 321
    Phone: 518-442-5852

    Research Interests: Dr. Kristen L. Corbosiero studies the structure and intensity change of tropical cyclones using both observational data sets and high-resolution numerical models. Specifically, she is interested in understanding the physical processes responsible for the formation of hurricane rainbands and secondary eyewalls, and how tropical cyclones respond to, and evolve in, vertical wind shear. In addition, Dr. Corbosiero is currently pursuing research aimed at understanding the role of cloud microphysical parameterizations on the track and intensity of simulated tropical cyclones, the mechanisms of rapid intensity change in hurricanes, and the impact of recurving eastern North Pacific tropical cyclones on the North American Monsoon System.

    Idone, Vincent P.

    Associate Professor
    Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
    Campus Address: ES 214
    Phone: 518-442-4577

    Research Interests: Atmospheric electricity and lightning, especially the study of triggered (or artificially initiated) lightning using highly time-resolved imagery of the luminous processes propagating along lightning channels.

    Molinari, John

    Research Professor
    Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
    Campus Address: ES 225
    Phone: 518-442-4562

    Research Interests: Tropical cyclone formation and intensity change; Role of vertical wind shear at all stages of tropical cyclones; Lightning in tropical disturbances; Tropical waves; Monsoons and monsoon disturbances. We do both observational and high-resolution numerical modeling studies.