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Lazarsfeld Award Recipients
Paul F. Lazarsfeld Award Recipients
2006 Chris Winship Harvard University
2005 Bill Mason University of California, Los Angeles
2003 Adrian Raftery University of Washington
2002 J. Scott Long Indiana University
2001 Paul D. Allison University of Pennsylvania
2000 Kenneth A. Bollen University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1999 Robert. D. Mare University of California, Los Angeles
1998 not listed  
1997 Kenneth Land Duke University
1996 Howard Schuman University of Michigan
1995 Peter H. Rossi UMASS-Amherst
1994 Nancy Brandon Tuma Stanford University
1993 not awarded  
1992 not awarded  
1991 Hubert M. Blalock. Jr. University of Washington
1990 Nathan Keyfitz Harvard University
1989 Leslie Kish University of Michigan
1988 not awarded  
1987 Clifford Clogg Pennsylvania State University
1986 Robert M. Hauser University of Wisconsin

Awards Process
     Nominations for the Lazarsfeld Award are accepted every spring, and members will be notified by listserv of the opening of nominations. The winner of the Award will be decided on by the Awards Council by Novemeber 1 and announced in the December issue of ASA Footnotes.

Lazarsfeld Award Committee
     The 2006 Lazarsfeld Award Committee members are Ken Land (Chair), Paul Allison, and Rob Mare.