My name is Kaitlin Lembo and I am a journalism student at UAlbany. During the summer prior to my senior year, I completed an internship at Spotlight News in Delmar, NY. The experience was the best experience I've ever had in my life. I was taken from a novice reporter to a full-fledged investigative reporter in a matter of months, through the training and reinforcement put forth by the Spotlight News team. During my internship, though I was not allowed to do every component of the job such as social media management (which is apparently very tightly regulated) I was able to participate in nearly all other aspects of the reporting job. I feel as if I was able to grow as a reporter, investigator and journalist far beyond what I had originally believed in just four short months.

Because of my time at Spotlight News, I was hired on the spot at the Register Star in Hudson, NY for an investigative position where I will be helping to uncover political corruption in the twin counties. My internship has also garnered me a lot of attention around the area because of the work I covered. I was the first to write about my former school district's pending litigation over a sign they put on school property and I also have developed direct contact with Moriah Formica, the Shaker High student who was recently on "The Voice." It is almost unbelievable that I am becoming recognizable and trustworthy because of the work I began in my internship and am continuing on in my career.

UAlbany was my dream school, so I can not say I would have left if I had not been offered this internship. Originally, I was looking to intern at Spectrum News, but in the end I wound up Spotlight News. It was the best decision I ever made. I learned an amazing amount, as you can see, and I'm going into my full-time position in December (as I am a December grad) with the tools that I need to succeed. I still keep in touch with my team at Spotlight News and continue our collaborative efforts. It's been a great experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything.