Undergraduate Programs

The Anthropology Department offers three undergraduate majors.

Anthropology is the study of humankind and humaness in all of its many forms. Our faculty are experts in a wide range of subjects that relate to the human experience on our planet.

The Anthropology major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and introduces students to the four major subfields of American Anthropology: archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.

The department offers a Linguistics major for students who wish to focus on the history, structure, function, and evolution of language. The Linguistics major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics.

The human biology bachelor's program is an interdepartmental (anthropology and biology) combined major/minor designed for students interested in a liberal arts and sciences education with particular focus on the human organism and human populations. It provides a strong background in human biology that is relevant to advanced training in that field and preparation for numerous fields in human health provision (medical, dental, optometry, physician assistant, nursing or other allied-health professional schools), and public health. The major/minor allows students to explore and understand the human organism in sickness and health, as individuals and populations, recognizing the variety of human forms and conditions that have made them over time and space.