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Language: Oluta
, documented by Roberto Zavala Maldonado
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The alphabet: 7 a b ch d e f g i j k l m n o p r rr s t tz u w x y @. Note: 7 represents glottal stop. The high, back unrounded vowel is entered as @ in query boxes; it displays as ü.
Cover symbols
C (any consonant): p,t,tz,ch,k,7,b,d,g,f,s,x,j,m,n,l,r,rr,w,y
P (labial consonant): p,b,f,m,w
T (apical consonant): t,d,tz,ch,s,x,n,l,r,rr
K (velar consonant): k,g,j
J (glottal or laryngeal consonant): 7,j
N (nasal consonant): m,n
R (rhotic consonant): r,rr
F (spirant or fricative consonant): f,s,x,j
S (sibilant): s,x
W (semivowel): w,y
V (any vowel): i,e,@,a,u,o
H (high vowel): i,@,u
M (mid vowel): e,o
L (low vowel): a
F (front vowel): i,e
B (back vowel): u,@,a,o

V verb
T transitive verb
I intransitive verb
P positional