Walter E. Little

Office: Arts & Sciences Building, Room 245
Ph: (518) 442-4718
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Ph.D., University of Illinois, 2001                 Curriculum Vitae

Walter E. Little

Cultural and Ethnic Identity, Cultural Performance, Gender Relations, Marketplace and Household Economics, Transcultural Studies - Tourism, Urban Anthropology.


My research focuses on the socio-economic and political lives of Latin Americans, primarily indigenous peoples. My multi-sited ethnographic research in Guatemala and Mexico combines political economy and symbolic/interpretive perspectives in order to better understand the politics of identity, international aid and economic development, heritage and tourism in urban places, and handicrafts and marketplaces. In particular, I am interested in how Kaqchikel and K'iche' Mayas make their livelihoods as artisans and vendors in urban heritage sites and the articulation of those livelihoods with household organization, community politics, and religious practices. My other research interests include Triqui transnational livelihoods and material cultural and the development of pedagogical resources for Kaqchikel Maya and Triqui languages.


I am the author of over 40 articles and 10 books and edited volumes. My monograph, Mayas in the Marketplace: Tourism, Globalization, and Cultural Identity (2004), won Best Book of 2005 from the New England Council for Latin American Studies and my co-edited volume, Street Economies in the Urban Global South (2013) won the Society for the Anthropology of Work Book Prize in 2014.


In addition to my duties in the anthropology department, I co-direct the Globalization Studies Program at University at Albany and I am the president of the Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology.