Human Biology Major

Human Biology Program Director: Dr. Lawrence M. Schell

Bachelor of Science in Human Biology (55 credits)

The human biology bachelor's program is an interdepartmental (anthropology and biology) combined major/minor designed for students interested in a liberal arts and sciences education with particular focus on the human organism and human populations. It provides a strong background in human biology that is relevant to advanced training in that field and preparation for numerous fields in human health provision (medical, dental, optometry, physician assistant, nursing or other allied-health professional schools), and public health. The major/minor allows students to explore and understand the human organism in sickness and health, as individuals and populations, recognizing the variety of human forms and the conditions that have made them over time and space.

The Human Biology major is a combined major and minor sequence: students do not need to declare a separate minor field.

Summary of requirements

Required courses (42 minimum):
(1) Basic sciences:
ABIO 110 or 120 & 201, ABIO 111 or 121 & 202Z, ABIO 205 or 212
ACHM 120, 121, 124, and 125
AMAT 108 or PSY 210 or SOC 221, or one semester of college mathematics (other than AMAT 100, 102, 104, or 105)
APHY 105

(2) Fundamentals of Human Biology:
AANT 110, Introduction to Human Evolution
AANT 211, Human Population Biology
AANT 316 and 318, Human Anatomy and Physiology, parts I and II
At least one of the following: AANT 312, Human Population Genetics (=BIO 318); AANT 319, Physical Growth and Development; AANT 416, Topics in Human Biology (topics vary and the course can be repeated); or AANT 441, Paleodemography/Paleopathology

Electives in the major (at least 13 credits):
A variety of courses in Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Public Health can be counted toward the major. See the Undergraduate Bulletin for the list. In addition, 3 credits may be selected from RSSW 290/390, ABIO 399/499, and AANT 498, with prior approval from the Human Biology Advisor.


For more information, see our listing in the Undergraduate Bulletin.