Anthropology Graduate Student Organization (AGSO)

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The AGSO provides anthropology graduate students with a unified voice within the Department and University. It is an opportunity for us to organize and engage in activities beyond those of studying, attending class, and fulfilling other academic and professional responsibilities. Activities and events include the AGSO Symposium, professional development workshops, and assistance with the Anthropology Department Speakers Series.

Incoming students often find themselves a bit confused as to what is expected of them when they begin graduate work in Anthropology at UAlbany. The incoming student welcome letter that some of us have put together covers many of the nuts and bolts of the department that you will need to know in your first year. Incoming students may contact any of the following officers in the AGSO to be added to the listserv, in order to receive necessary graduate and departmental information.

Anthropology Graduate Student Organization (AGSO)


AGSO E-Board

Loretta Tucker

Vice President
John Garbellano

Nicole Marrero-Colón

Michalina Grzelka

Samantha Holmes

GSA Assembly Representatives

AGSO Representatives

Aphizetl Lemus

Erica Tyler

Casey West

Michalina Grzelka

Speaker Reception Chair
Florence Lee

Faculty Liaison
Jessica Vavrasek