Elise L. Andaya

Office: Arts & Sciences Building, Room 241
Ph: (518) 442-4224
E-mail: eandaya@albany.edu                           Publications
Ph.D., New York University, 2007                     Curriculum Vitae

Elise L. Andaya

Elise Andaya is a cultural anthropologist specializing in gender and medical anthropology. Her dissertation fieldwork was in Havana, Cuba, on shifts in reproduction, gender ideologies, and kinship strategies since the devastating economic and ideological crisis precipitated by the fall of the socialist bloc. Moving from observations of reproductive health consultations in neighborhood clinics to interviews with women and their families, academics, and medical professionals, she examines the effects of broad political-economic change on familial and reproductive life. She is also currently working with social scientists to analyze data from a 5-year study on breastfeeding practices in the Bronx, New York City.


Research Interests

My research interests lie in gender, reproduction, citizenship, and access to health care in the United States and in Cuba. In Cuba, I conducted research on gender relations, prenatal care, and decisions about childbearing after the devastating economic collapsed caused by the fall of the Soviet Union. My current research is based in a public hospital in Brooklyn, New York, and examines how issues of time and scheduling affect access and experiences of prenatal care for women who work in low-wage service-sector jobs.

Cuba, Latin America, the Caribbean; gender; kinship and reproduction; populational change; medical anthropology; health and health care; cultures of socialist and post-socialist states; race; migration and transnationalism; personhood and changing ethical systems.