Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships in the Anthropology Department

We are now accepting Assistantship Applications for the Fall 2018 Semester!

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Due Dates:

Current  Students – February 9, 2018

New Applicants – January 15, 2018

Current Student’s should return completed applications to Jaime A. Moore, the Graduate Secretary for the department. New applicants should apply through the Graduate Admissions website. (


A variety of sources of financial aid are available to graduate students. Prospective and continuing students are encouraged to apply for independent fellowships from organizations like the National Science Foundation and the Organization for American States. We usually have one or two students supported from such independent fellowships.

The most common form of financial aid is the Teaching Assistantship ("TA"). The Department offers a number of assistantships which are awarded in a competition each spring. Most of these are "full assistantships" that involve 20 hours of work weekly. TA awards include a tuition waiver and an annual stipend of approximately $14,000 for a "full assistantship." We normally are able to support between 16 and 20 students with Departmental TA's. Assistants are assigned to undergraduate courses, and assignments include some combination of leading discussion sessions or labs, grading, and administrative work. Several TA positions are set aside each year for incoming students. In addition to Departmental Assistantships, Diversity Fellowships are awarded by the University. At any given time there are one to four anthropology students receiving support from these sources.

Research Assistantships ("RA") are often available to students on an irregular basis. Funding for these positions comes from faculty research grants, researchers and institutions related to the university (e.g., the New York State Museum), and other sources of support for research and special projects. Stipends and conditions vary greatly, and all RA positions involve student participation in research projects or other special events. Typically one to five students are supported by RA's. In addition to formal Research Assistantships, faculty with grant money often hire graduate students on an hourly basis for a variety of tasks.