Cody Ng

M.A. Anthropology, University at Albany - SUNY [In progress]
B.A. Anthropology and American History, University at Albany - SUNY 2018


Research Interests:
Archaeology, 18th/19th century historical archaeology, deviant burials, mortuary behavior/culture, anthropology of fear, folklore, 18th/19th century ceramics, 18th/19th century glass ware

Area of Study / Field site:
Eastern North America, New York City, Albany, New England Area

Academic Advisor & Subfield:
Dr. Marilyn Masson; Archaeology

I am a historical archaeologist focusing on 18th/19th century United States, specifically New York State and the New England area. My previous research focused on archaeology at the Stephen Harriet-Meyers household and the recovered glassware assemblage from the summer 2017 UAlbany Historical Field School. Currently my research is on deviant burials (specifically vampire related) in 18th/19th century America, basing my research on the 19th century New England Vampire panic and its cultural/archaeological impacts in Northeastern America. Along with studying mortuary behaviors at Albany Rural cemetery and comparing them to other cemeteries in the area and New York.