Jamilläh Rodriguez

Jamilläh Rodriguez

Ph.D. Anthropology, University at Albany - SUNY [In Progress]
M.A. Linguistics, Stony Brook University, 2017
B.A. Linguistics, Stony Brook University, 2015


Research Interests:
Phonology, Syntax, Language documentation, Corpus Linguistics, Copala Triqui

Area of Study / Field site:

Academic Advisor & Subfield:
Dr. Lauren Clemens, Linguistics

My main research interests are in phonology and language documentation. While completing my MA at Stony Brook University, I particularly enjoyed researching theoretical linguistic topics in Cuban Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean. My MA thesis was titled, “Syllabic Size Restrictions on Verb Reduplication in Brazilian Portuguese: A Corpus Study.” More recently as a PhD student at UAlbany, I have begun to focus on language documentation in Copala Triqui. I hope to look more closely at the phonological system and develop corpora and linguistic tools to enhance my research with lots of help from the great amount of work already done with Triqui here at UAlbany.