Kimberly Berg

Ph.D. Anthropology, University at Albany - SUNY [Expected Aug. 2017]
M.A. Anthropology, Iowa State University, 2011
B.A. Anthropology, Minnesota State University, 2007


Research Interests:
Heritage, Diasporas, Minority Language Revitalization, Identity Politics, Nationalism

Area of Study / Field site:
Wales, Argentina; Welsh Diaspora in North America

Academic Advisor & Subfield:
Dr. Walter Little; Cultural Anthropology

CV Link

I research heritage through the lenses of identity and nationalism, as well as diaspora studies. Currently, I study Welsh heritage, and work with the Welsh diaspora in the Americas. I have done field research in Wales, which has provided the foundation for additional research with the Welsh descendants in the Patagonian province Chubut, in Argentina, and the Welsh communities and heritage societies of the United States and Canada.


State University of New York at Albany, Albany, NY
Teaching Assistant; Recitation/Discussion Lead, Exam Proctor, Grader, Guest Lecturer
AANT/ALCS269: The Caribbean: People, History, and Culture, Jan-May 2016
AANT175: Anthropology and Folklore, Jan-May 2015
AANT108: Cultural Anthropology, 2 sections, August-Dec 2014
Adjunct Faculty, Instructor of Record
AANT340: Topics in Ethnology; Tourism and Heritage Management, May-July 2016
AANT108: Cultural Anthropology, July-August 2014
N.E.W. English Institute, Trelew, Argentina
Native Teacher, various course levels and ages, Aug 2015-Dec 2015
Grand View University, Des Moines, IA
Adjunct Faculty, Instructor of Record
SOC341: Cultural Anthropology, 2 sections, Jan 2012-May 2012
SOC105: Cross-Cultural Communication, Aug 2011-Dec 2011
Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Teaching Assistant; Recitation/Discussion Lead, Exam Writer/Proctor, and Grader
ANTH306: Anthropological Field Methods, 4 sections, Jan 2011-May 2011
ANTH201: Intro to Anthropology, 12 sections, Jan 2010-Dec 2010
ANTH309: Linguistic Anthropology, 4 sections, Aug 2009-Dec 2009
English First Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Foreign Teacher, various agency courses for all levels and ages, Aug 2008-Jul 2009
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Peer Adviser, drug and alcohol awareness/health and fitness, Aug 2005-Dec 2005

Sean Tierney Scholarship, 2016
Welsh for Adults Bursary, 2016
Benevolent Association Award, 2016
Gil Kushner Memorial Travel Award, Society for Applied Anthropology, 2016
Graduate Student Employees Union Prof. Development Award, 2015 & 2016
Anne B. Phillips Scholarship, St. David’s Society of New York, 2015
University at Albany Dissertation Research Fellowship Award, 2015
Graduate Student Association Travel/Research Grant, 2015 & 2013
Initiatives for Women Fellowship, 2015
National Welsh American Foundation Lloyd Family Scholarship, 2010
Anthropology Department Travel Grant, Iowa State University, 2010


-Berg, K. (accepted, in publication). The Diaspora in the Diaspora: the Role of Heritage Networks in Diaspora Identity Formation. In E-book.
-Berg, K. (accepted, in publication). Welsh Patagonia? Remnants of Colonialist Ideology in Patagonian Tourism Representations. In Student Anthropologist.
-Berg, K. (under review). Chubut, Argentina: A Contested Welsh ‘First-Place.’ In International Journal of Heritage Studies.
-Berg, K. (2014). Hidden Heritage: Underlying Ideologies at Three Welsh Heritage Sites. In Practicing Anthropology 36(1): 42-47.