Yahaira Nunez-Cortes

Ph.D. Anthropology, University at Albany - SUNY [In Progress]
M.A. Anthropology, University at Albany - SUNY, 2014
Licenciatura in Anthropology with emphasis in Archaeology, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2012
B.A. Anthropology, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2009


Research Interests:
Southern Central America and Mesoamerican Archaeology, Complex Societies, Inter-regional Interaction, Political Economy

Area of Study / Field site:
Southern Central America and Mexico

Academic Advisor & Subfield:
Dr. Robert Rosenswig; Archaeology

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Institute for Mesoamerican Studies Profile
Lomas Entierros

Yajaira is a PhD student in the department of Anthropology, with emphasis on Mesoamerican Archaeology. Her work has been focused on the coast of Chiapas and the Lower Central America. She has conducted archaeological fieldwork in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. Her general interests include the emergence of complex societies, the establishment of interregional trade networks, domestic economies, social inequality and household archaeology. For her master's Yajaira studied Late Postclassic materials from La Libertad, in Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico. Her project employed GIS applications to archaeological materials to understand the distribution of functional and typological assemblages that could shed light into the differential use of space. Her doctoral research focuses on the dynamics of power in complex societies of Costa Rica, and the role of interregional exchange in the construction of economic and political inequality.


Fall 2018. Instructor. Archaeology of Central America and the Caribbean. University at Albany, SUNY.

2017. May-Nov. Consultant for the Culture Programme at UNESCO Office in Havana and the Portal of Culture for Latin America and the Caribbean. Project: Routes of Emancipation and the Experience of Slavery in Central America.
2017. Feb-May. Consultant for the Culture Programme at UNESCO Cluster Office in San José. Project: From Oblivion to Memory: Recognition of the Legacy of People from African Descent in Central America.
2015. Laboratory director. Ceramic analysis, La Libertad site, Soconusco, Chiapas, México. University at Albany-SUNY.
2013. Zooarchaeological analysis, Mayapan, Yucatán, Mexico. University at Albany-SUNY.


2018. Support for Women and Dependent Care-1338. National Geographic Society.
2018. Initiatives for Women. The University at Albany, SUNY.
2018. Graduate Student Association Professional Development Grant. University at Albany, SUNY.
2018. National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant BSC-1821725.
2017. Early Career Grant # HJ-068ER-17. National Geographic Society.
2016. Dissertation Research Fellowship Award. University at Albany-SUNY.
2016. Christopher DeCormier Memorial Scholarship for Mesoamerican Fieldwork. Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, University at Albany-SUNY.
2016. GSEU Professional Development Award. University at Albany-SUNY.
2015-2016. International Peace Scholarship. PEO Sisterhood.


Leathlobhair, Máire Ní; Perri, Angela R.; Irving-Pease, Evan K.; Witt, Kelsey E.; Linderholm, Anna; Haile, James; Lebrasseur, Ophelie; Ameen, Carly; Blick, Jeffrey; Boyko, Adam R.; Brace, Selina; Nunez-Cortes, Yahaira ... Laurent A. F. Frantz
2018. The evolutionary history of dogs in the Americas. Science, 361(6397), 81-85.

Bosch, Cristina and Yahaira Núñez
2017. Development of Regional Capacity Building Project to Combat Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property and its Restitution in Central America and Dominican Republic (2016-2017). UNESCO San José, San José, Costa Rica.

Núñez-Cortes, Yahaira. 2015. El Sitio Punta Zancadilla (L-100). Primera evidencia en el Archipiélago de las Perlas de bienes de prestigio, asociados a un nuevo conjunto de cerámica (1700-1400 cal a.P). Canto Rodado 10:39-55.

Núñez-Cortés, Yahaira Maria L. Sáenz.2008. Vinculando pasado y presente: una propuesta arqueológica para el "Ecomuseo de la cerámica Chorotega" San Vicente, Guanacaste. In: II Congreso de Museos: Museos y Comunidades. Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica