Sarah Heins Ledogar


Ph.D. Anthropology [In progress], University at Albany - SUNY
M.A. Anthropology (Biological Anthropology), University at Albany - SUNY, 2012
B.A. Mathematicas & Anthropology, Syracuse University, 2009


Research Interests:
Human and Animal Interactions; Animal Husbandry; Prehistoric Cave Use; Human Osteology & Zooarchaeology; Stable Isotope Analysis.

Area of Study / Field site:
Eastern Europe (Verteba Cave); Northeast North America.

Academic Advisor & Subfield:
Dr. Marilyn Masson; Archaeology

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I am an archaeology PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at UAlbany. For my dissertation, I am looking at animal use by the Tripolye Culture and the development of social complexity during the transition from the Copper Age to the Bronze Age. I am also part of a team excavating at the Eneolithic (Copper Age) site Verteba Cave located in western Ukraine. Beyond my dissertation I am working on projects that look at (1) human subsistence in prehistoric New York, (2) white-tailed deer exploitation by the Maya, and (3) morphometric and morphology variation in Galliformes. I use zooarchaeology, geochemistry, and bioarchaeology to investigate my research questions.


University at Albany – SUNY – Department of Anthropology
Instructor of Record
Introduction to Human Evolution (Summer 2016)
Human Osteology (Summer 2013)
Teaching Assistant
Introduction to Archaeology (Spring 2013)
Archaeology of the Near East and the Aegean (Fall 2013)
Anatomy and Physiology (Spring 2014, Fall 2012)
Human Population Biology (Spring 2012, Fall 2011, Spring 2011)
Introduction to Primates (Fall 2010)
SUNY Cobleskill - Crime Scene Investigation Camp (high school)
Instructor of Record
Forensic Anthropology (summer 2011)


2014-2016 - Doctoral Fellowship, New York State Museum
2015 - Karen R. Hitchcock New Frontiers Fund Award, Initiatives for Women
2015 - Award for Graduate Research, Benevolent Association of University at Albany
2014 - David Scotchmer Essay Award, Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, University at Albany
2013 - Student Research Award, College of Arts and Sciences, University at Albany

2012 – pres. - Project Zooarchaeologist, International Tripolye Heritage Project (Directors: Dr. Jordan Karsten, Mykhailo Sokohatskyi, & Dr. Gwyn Madden)
2016 - Contract Zooarchaeologist, Clarence St. Wells Project (Historic Sydney, NSW, Australia)
2012 – 2013 Lab Volunteer, Zooarchaeology Laboratory, University at Albany, Albany, NY (Supervisor: Dr. Marilyn Masson)
2010 – 2012 - Lab Volunteer, NAGPRA Laboratory, New York State Museum, Albany, NY (Supervisor: Curator Lisa Anderson)
2008-2009 - Lab Volunteer, Osteology Laboratory, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (Supervisor: Dr. Shannon Novak)
2010 - Bone biochemistry research assistant, National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY (Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Miller)

Assistant Field Director
2016, Verteba Cave Archaeological Field Excavation, Borschiv, Ukraine (Field Directors: Dr. Jordan Karsten; Mykhailo Sokohatskyi)
2015, Verteba Cave Archaeological Field Excavation, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Borschiv, Ukraine (Field Directors: Dr. Jordan Karsten; Mykhailo Sokohatskyi)

Archaeological Field Schools
2014, Pethick Archaeology Field School, University at Albany and New York State Museum, Schoharie, NY (Directors: Dr. Sean Rafferty & Dr. Chris Reith)
2012, Verteba Cave Bioarchaeology Field School, Grand Valley State University, Borschiv, Ukraine (Director: Dr. Gwyn Madden)


2015 - Karsten JK, Heins SE, Madden GD, Sokohatskyi MP. Dental Health and the Transition to Agriculture in Prehistoric Ukraine. European Journal of Archaeology 18(4):562-579.
2015 - Karsten, JK, Sokohatskyi MP, Heins SE, Madden GD. Bioarchaeological Analysis of Anthropological Material from Verteba Cave. Stratum Plus 2015(2):121-144. (In Russian)
2014 - Karsten JK, Heins SE, Madden GD, Sokohatskyi MP. The Biological Implications of the Transition to Agriculture in Ukraine: A Study of Enamel Hypoplasias. Dental Anthropology 27:16-25.