Anthropology Minors

Anthropology Minor

A minor in Anthropology makes an excellent complement to major study in a variety of fields for which a broader perspective on human nature and culture may be relevant. Talk to any Anthropology professor, and we can probably explain how our field is relevant to your major. Areas for which an Anthropology minor is especially appropriate include Globalization Studies, Communication & Rhetoric, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, History, Psychology, Geography, Urban Studies & Planning, and any of the Area Studies majors.

For a minor in Anthropology students complete a total of 18 credits. 9 of these must be in courses at the 300 level and/or in courses with at least one prerequisite. Any two of the following core courses must be included:

AANT 100 - Culture, Society, and Biology

AANT 104 - Introduction to Archaeology

AANT 108 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

AANT 110 - Introduction to Human Evolution

AANT 220 -  Introduction to Linguistics

For more information, see our listing in the Undergraduate Bulletin